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  • A Christian Video Production:  for your church, Ministry, singing group, band, ministry or Christian business. Our Video production staff can make a custom promotion Video for you. A 2 minute promo video for just $119.95 from LiL' Screen Productions.
  • Beyond Positive Thinking: Ministries guides people through success and motivation in the Scriptures by showing them who they are, what they have and what they can do because they are children of the God – Who created the universe.

  • Christian Counseling Service: Christian counseling services from Care 4 America include Christian grief counseling, Christian counseling for relationships, and Bible based Christian Pastoral counseling. Specializing in teen anger management counseling tools for Christian families and teen anger management counselors.
  • Christian Web Design Company We can design your site and host it for a year for as little as $199.95. We are a full service design and hosting company with very reasonable rates
  • Christian Witness Wear A special piece of jewelry to show your love for the Lord.
  • Christian Writer's E-Book Net We are seeking God gifted talented writers to join our E-book publishing site.
  • For Such A Time As This: A Full-Gospel, Non-Denominational women's ministry where everyone is welcome and seeking to grow closer in our walk with Christ and be so in love with the Lord Jesus that everyone sees us as giving our whole lives to Him.
  • Independent Christian Media Network:  Where Christian artists, photographers, authors, musicians, composers, and others can bring their talents and works to the public showcase their works for the checkered flag.
  • Jimmy Weldon (Yakky Doodle) Meeting Planners and other organizations using speakers, see someone you "grew up with" as a child watching television.  
  • WebTech Design Group We can design your site with streaming audio and/or video, or add it to your existing site at very reasonable rates.
  Christian Life Coach Your banner ad and link could be here for a full year for just $39.95
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  • 101 Christian Dating Advice: Learn about dating from a Biblical perspective and enjoy a God glorifying relationship.
  • 12 Step Recovery Program books and Gifts: Las Vegas landmark 12 step store offers online 12 step gifts, 12 step books and 12 step recovery resources.
  • Abundant Life TV: Free Christian online TV to inspire, encourage and train you to be all that you can be in Jesus Christ.
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  • ADHD Counseling and Nutrition: New hope for ADHD children in a nutrient deficient, toxic world. Rebuild the immune system.
  • Altogether Lovely Ministries: is a Christian evangelical, bible-based ministry offering Christian mentoring, ESL tutoring, free Christian resources, Christian Mentorship and more.
  • Amazing Bible A world of Bible information, studies, news, prophecy, statistics, sermons, plus Christian, cult, links, prayer, spiritual warfare and the Chronological 4 Gospel study.
  • The Anointing For Weight Loss is Being Released!: The Supernatural Weight Loss System contains cutting edge revelation straight from God's Word. This is a power packed program complete with all you need to be free of that extra weight once and for all!
  • A Time To Heal Ministries: Entire healing for the mind, body, & spirit through speaking, teaching, and inspiring books.
  • Auto Loan Modification: Reduce your car payments today with a vehicle loan modification.
  • Battle Focused Ministries - Christian Spiritual Warfare: Evangelistic ministry teaching Christian spiritual warfare, emphasizing personal evangelism, discipleship, and teamwork through the local church.
  • Bible Memory By MemLok Download: Fun & Easy $19.95+3 Gifts. Only 5 min/day 48 topics x 12 verses Prints cards/Coloring Pgs 800-373-1947
  • Bible Teaching Online: Committed to teaching the un-compromised truth of the word of God to our generation.
  • Breaking Oaths Ministries Int.: books on deliverance, freemasonry, witchcraft, generational curses, voodoo, self-help, and counseling.
  • Christianist Libertarian: Expounding on spiritual attributes and gifts received at the moment of salvation which continue to expand and progress throughout life.
  • Covenant Of Sovereign Grace Ministry: A ministry of exegetically revealing fulfilled prophecies of Christ.
  • Countdown From Rapture to Tribulation - Prepare Yourself For Battle?  Was created to offer spiritual understanding of the political and legal corruption our world is facing.  Our world is in serious trouble and if you believe what the scripture says, you will be prudent and prepare.  Many Battles lay before us and building a strong immune system along with faith is how we will survive.  We've done the research on ORAC values and antioxidants - and we want to share what we've learned with you.  God wants you to be well - and so do we!
  • Dallas Hair Transplant: Hair Transplant surgeon and recognized expert in the field of Hair restoration, hair loss disorders and procedures. View videos, photos, illustrations, forums and hair loss information.
  • Guidance 2 Live: A site devoted to strengthening your body, mind, and spirit with help from a certified Christian counselor.
  • How To Read Your Bible: How the Bible is broken down. It is not in chronological order.

  • JYB Inspired: Christian author and teacher June Baker shares encouragement, inspiration and knowledge through the Word of God and personal testimonies. OPEN, a detailed study of Revelation provides simple explanation of things to come.  Donkeys, Donuts and Wee Little Men offers encouragement through humor and difficult life events.
    L Who is God? Where can I find God? What is God like? How does God feel about me? In this 365-day blog, you’ll begin knowing God through 2,000+ verses from the Bible which will fill you with peace, joy, hope, and encouragement. To know God is to love God.
  • Knowing Jesus: Christian devotions and articles pointing people to Christ and the category you want listed in.
  • Learn To Study The Bible: Would you like to know how to study the Bible better? Pastor Andy Deane's new book "Learn To Study The Bible" will teach you forty different Bible study methods that you can try out. Each Bible study method has a hand-written example to help show you how to study the Bible using that particular Bible study method. Pastor Andy is an Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel Old Bridge in New Jersey.
  • Lighting the lamp: Have faith in Jesus, keep all of God's commandments, speak the truth in love, become part of Christ's body, and join the true church.

  • My Healing Prayer: Site is about healing prayer: offer healing prayer, box, healing -power, heal cancer ... my mission father, I pray to you lord for a healing prayer. FREE Prayers and Scriptures.
  • Nick Costello Evangelistic Ministry: Former secular rock star now evangelist, youth communicator, conference speaker.  Evangelism training seminars for churches.  Seminar: 'Who Has Your Heart', calls Christian kids to get their music listening habits right with God.  Challenging Christian kids and the church to follow Christ uncompromisingly.
  • Now's The Time!: provides incredible eyewitness testimony from people who have seen up-close and personally, the reality Heaven and Hell. This information is very moving and inspiring! You must hear this for yourself. Visit today!
  • Foreclosure Prevention: Reliance, Inc. can help you to prevent foreclosure.
  • Get Out of Debt: Reliance, Inc. is an established INC. 500 Christian based full service financial services company specializing in debt relief.
  • Heart of the Father Art: "Prophetic Art from the Father's heart." Original Christian art prints created by Vicki Harris. My desire in every painting is to express the unconditional love and mercy of my Heavenly Father to a broken and bleeding world and to communicate His loving heart to a fatherless generation.
  • Incredible But True Vitamins: Is the home of The Greatest Vitamins In The World. They are designed to nutritionally support the entire body! Unlike almost every vitamin company in the world today, we use only the highest grade Whole Vitamins, direct from fruits and vegetables, not synthetic.
  • Interpersonal Training Institute: Educational seminars for Christian marriages, anger management, and divorce recovery serving Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, and Missouri.
  • It's ALL Done Already!: A Purification Station where your soul is re-created in the image of the WHOLE WORD of GOD!
  • Joshua Communications: Contained within, are unique writings, deep studies, and knowledge of His will that is not normally given or taught in this day of time.  Truth, in its simplicity, is something often overlooked.
  • Marriage & Family Ministry: Scott & Cheri Scheer have traveled and spoke about marriage and family for many years. Their "Marriage Murder Mystery" and "Raising Kids Right" seminars are popular events. Subscribe to their weekly newsletter and get regular encouragement for your family and marriage. Family books, digital audios and more.
  • My Sermon Vault: Over 10,000 sermons and ministry resources. Over 100 sermons FREE just for stopping by.
  • Page Two: Biblically Based Program to help break habits, addictions, and harmful behaviors. Defeat Pornography, Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Beat Alcoholism, Stop Drug Dependency, Deal with Past Mistakes.
  • Payday Loan Consolidation: Apply for payday loan consolidation or payday loan help to end the cycle of payday loan debt. One simple affordable payment is available!
  • Payday Loan Debt Consolidation: The cash advance lenders usually allow the debtors a maximum of two extensions for the payment. Sometimes people fail to repay and then require payday loan debt consolidation services.
  • Practical Christianity: Simple non-dogmatic approach to life through Practical Christianity bringing peace, better health, improved relationships and many other benefits. Prayer Requests welcome. We offer a free online course of ten lessons delivered by email.
  • Picture Bible Code Prophecy!: Bible codes that form pictures! One bible code foretold the details of the Iraq war. All codes accurately proclaim Jesus as Lord.
  • Rapture Watch: This site is about bible prophecy for our generation. Videos, Maps, Charts and End Times Topics. We have a forum section for current news.
  • Renewal Christian Care: Renewal is "the" In-Patient Christian program for drug, behavioral and eating disorder problems.
  • Simple, easy to understand devotions to help Christians focus and include God's Word in their everyday lives.
  • The Sparrows Nest Christian Books, Gospel Tapes, Scripture Plaques.
  • Throne of Grace Ministries:  A Christian ministry where we teach all people that their relationship with God is based on the complete work of Jesus on the cross and in His resurrection, and not on their performance.
  • Transformation Garden: Every woman blooms at, an online gathering place that encourages and empowers women in their walk with Jesus. Though they lived more than 2,000 years ago, Biblical woman have something to say to women of today, as you’ll discover through free daily devotionals focused on every women mentioned in the Bible.
  • The United Fellowship Of Faith: Ministry with counseling, coaching and many other interactive activities and spiritual guidance.
  • What You Don't Understand Can Hurt You: It's not what you don't "know", but what you don't "understand" that actually ends up hurting you...Needless to say, there are many things about God and the Bible which we "know" about, but yet don't fully "understand". It can be hard to associate what we hear in church, from what we read in the Bible, from what we're taught growing up, from what we experience in our lives, etc...What You Don't Understand Can Hurt You will fill in many of these gaps! "Understanding" is the "gap filler" between the spaces of knowledge.

  • Web-Beacon Family Directory: A family friendly, Spam free Internet directory, searchable by category and or keywords.
Christian Counseling
Additional resources are found in this section of our Christian Websites Directory.
  • A Better Hope A site to find hope, encouragement and direction for the suffering, to have victory in Christ, to know who Jesus is and policies for the local assembly.
  • A Closer Walk With Thee A Weekly Devotional designed to give you strength right from the Word of God. Included is a Devotional, Prayer Board and scriptures for daily living.
  • Abiding In The Healing Word An exciting site focusing on healing through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Great testimonies, an extensive list of healing scriptures, short teachings, awesome quotes from powerful Christian leaders, inspirational poetry, book reviews, ministry links and so much more!
  • A Reason for Living A non-dogmatic, faith-filled, gospel-honoring message of HOPE for those who suffer.
  • Back to the Bible Visit the Back to the Bible Resource Center for your choice of over 400 books, videos, program tapes, and other Christian resources. Features well-known authors Dr. Woodrow Kroll and Elisabeth Elliott. Search by keyword or browse by your choice of category or topic.
  • The Biblical Woman Deals with women in the Bible, the church, beauty, their families and tribes, legal/social position, their fall, marriage, children, and occupations.
  • Breaking Pornography Addiction Resources and ideas to help overcome porn addiction. Site includes newsletter, surveys, encouraging and insightful articles, and more.
  • Child Custody & Divorce Resources Offers State by State help for parents and grandparents.
  • Christian Growth by Repentance with Joy! Shows how to repent by training your heart to joyfully trade earthly dependencies for receiving God’s abundant presence by His grace. Effective for idolatry of the heart and unwanted behaviors!
  • Closer Walk Ministries Devotionals
  • Community Peacemakers Community Peacemakers offers free materials,
  • Comparing Religions of the World Showing differences in comparison to Christianity and allowing readers to make their own informed decisions.
  • Conservative Education Forum Honoring our American Biblically based heritage: the Past, the Present, and the Future!
  • Cow Country Kettle Korn We offer business opportunities to people wanting to be their own Boss. An Independent Associate position with Cow Country Kettle Korn, has UNLIMITED potential. You can earn a few hundred dollars a month, or several thousand. It’s entirely up to you. At the Heart of this opportunity, is the chance to help Faith-Based organizations. Whether you want to help your local church, youth group, or perhaps a Christian school in the community, you can do it, by offering our kettle korn as a fundraiser. The opportunity also extends to placing Cow Country Kettle Korn in Retail stores. Knowing your community better than anyone; the stores, the shops, the gathering places, you probably already know of several locations that would love to have a pre-prepared, delicious and healthy snack, like our product.
  • Christians in Recovery
  • ChristLove Ministries A great family homepage with Mothers' Moment, a weekly ministry to moms, plus our personal testimonies and Bible help page.
  • Credamus Christian Page Uncommon Bible Studies.
  • Divinspiration An online ministry where you will find articles, devotions, and commentary to enlighten you, challenge you, and hopefully bring you into a closer, more personal walk with God. Photo gallery, online chat forum, and weekly e-mail, too. Submissions accepted!
  • Get Organized Now! Ideas, tips and systems to help you get better organized in your home, your business and your life.
  • Salvation, Encouragement and Inspiration
  • Health Coach Plus A CPR and First Aid training and certification resource.
  • Heavensgate My site is dedicated to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Humanflag network The Human Flag Network provides entertaining, empowering and educational support to all humans interested in taking the first step towards world peace: individual responsibility.
  • International Forgiveness Institute Information on research findings and current issues on the topic of forgiveness, as well as on-line resources for people hurting from a personal injustice.
  • Kingdom Times If your interested in the Kingdom of God and the signs and times of it's coming to earth, prophetic words given through webmaster and others
  • Make A Difference Make a difference to the life of the visitor, and encourage the visitor to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Ministry Tools Resource Center Teachers, leaders, and others in church ministry find training on spiritual gifts, body life, classroom discipline and more, curriculum, ministry profiles, and recommended books.
  • The Morning Reading This is a daily devotional that is sent out free to your e-mail.
  • Nanny's Rocking Chair Safe-surf for children, with links for activities, education, devotions, and adult links for parents.
  • Outrageous! Recovery - Laugh your way to recovery! Wisdom, tough talk, outrageous humor, Step by step through the 12 steps, laugh your way to Recovery. Voted best loved video, audio, CD for singles, groups, centers.
  • Pats Homepage with Links & Humor A page with Daily Bible Verses, Jokes, Christian & Other Links, Missions, Christian Message Board
  • Personal Growth Coach A Christian growth coach and mentor.
  • Reinheimer Counseling Christian counselor provides self-help materials and excerpts from printed materials.
  • Seeking Those Seeking Christ Aimed toward people who want to know more about Jesus and Christianity
  • Spirithome Web Site A resource on the Holy Spirit and spirituality, seen in Christian ways.
  • Streams in the Desert We are an interactive Christian forum that exists for fellowship, education and edification of Christians.
  • Study Credit Provides Continuing Education credit to Christian counselors for reading professional books and taking quizzes. Approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC provider #5818).
  • The Twelve Step Recovery Program The non-watered down version of the twelve step recovery program as handed down from one of the original founders of the steps.

Search for more Christian websites in this category of our Christian Search Engine

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