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  • Kyoji Chikira Something felt in reading the Scripture firstly. It differs from Buddhism. I, Japanese male, thought so. CATEGORY: making a poem. EMAIL:
  • Penni Pickle I am 35/F/Mississippi looking for a Christian pen pal. CATEGORY: CrossStiching, Woodworking, playing on computer:-), and most of all talking about my Lord Jesus Christ. EMAIL:
  • David Pickle 33/m/married/youth director/sunday school teacher CATEGORY: southern gospel music/sports/landscaping. EMAIL:
  • Waine Jonathan Noble 21 male single, 140 pounds 6' brown eyes black hair. CATEGORY: Love God, Volleyball, Programming, Music. EMAIL:
  • Emory Ediger 54 year old male CATEGORY: Poetry (inspirational and Biblical) and computer. EMAIL:
  • Joyceanne Whitaker Family oriented, loving husband, loving son, two dogs, like making friends around the world. CATEGORY: dogs, travel, birds, computers, new friends, singing. EMAIL:
  • Dee Torres female age 25 who loves to worship the Lord. CATEGORY: Volleyball, Basketball & Singing. EMAIL:
  • Justin Hi, I'm 20m 5'10" blonde, blue eyes. Searching for E-Mail friends. CATEGORY: I love to draw and paint especially capturing someones personality in a picture I draw of them, take walks in nature, and look into the starry night sky and wonder. I love God with all my heart and like to be around people who feel the same way. I'm interested in new high-technology; like to listen to Irish, Bluegrass, and basically any song that lifts my spirits up. People say that I got a crazy sense of humor, find out for yourself. EMAIL:
  • Kelly Riley female, 16, brown hair, green eyes CATEGORY: My best friend is Jesus, i like athletics, music, and literature. EMAIL:
  • Christian sisters My sister and I are looking for Bible Believing Christians to write to. She is 11 and I am 15. I put my mom's address in, so she can let us know if you send mail to us. CATEGORY: Homeschooling, outdoors, reading, music, I like playing guitar and many others. EMAIL:
  • Rosemore 47 year old student, mother of three, grandmother of four. CATEGORY: I have a wide varity of likes and dislikes, an email junkie, and like lots of email. EMAIL:
  • Natalie Chinese. want somone to share with my spiritual life. CATEGORY: Reading, jazz, travel. EMAIL:
  • Leila marie Comer Middleaged mom to 21yr old son, wife for 24 yrs to best husband ever, semiretired. CATEGORY: Books, hocky on tv, choceting, music, family and friends. EMAIL:
  • Daniel J. male brown hair and eyes and I love Jesus Jesus is Lord !!!!!! CATEGORY: I like Star trek and my Friends. EMAIL:
  • Bobby Teo Singapore resident, seeking e-mail friends. CATEGORY: Christian music, software, interactive video and much more!! EMAIL:
  • Francis Barlow 17/f/Wasilla Ak., strong Christian, good listener, talks alot. CATEGORY: Loves God PLUTONIUM EMAIL:
  • Magne Sovde Male, 19 y.o., bibleschool student, norwegian CATEGORY: Jesus, guitars, photos. EMAIL:
  • Demi Ooi 24/F CATEGORY: Seeking E-pal for spiritual sharing and encouragement. Serve in church musical and youth ministry. University Student. Love music, philosophy. EMAIL:
  • Patrick Pu High school Senior, Christian, Chinese, 5'7" CATEGORY: Reading, video games, spending too much time on the computer, Star Wars, music, spending time with Jesus, and more. EMAIL:
  • jorge santorelli 34 years old from Argentina CATEGORY: would like via e-mail & snail-mail, operator of christian radio EMAIL:
  • David P I am 17 and in trouble CATEGORY: I am a strong and committed Christian but I made a mistake this summer and am now serving 10 months in Juvenile Dept. of Corrections. My mom will help me with e-mail penpals by printing out letters for me to answer. I'm really a nice person, truly repentant and trying to become a leader for the other guys here with me. I am an artist, like to read, camp, skateboard, bike and play guitar. Won't you please pray about writing to me. I can use some solid Christian fellowship right now. Thanks. EMAIL:
  • John Shimp mid 40's, teach high school PE and coach high school football CATEGORY: love football, basketball, baseball, and play fantasy sports on the net. A fan of Marshall University sports. EMAIL:
  • Carol Love God. 20 something, Malaysian, Undergraduate in music CATEGORY: Seeking E-pal with interest in Chrisrian music, playing piano, watching movie, swimming, and traveling. EMAIL:
  • Gail Lee F, 34, ESL teacher waiting for God's leading to next position, seeking new friends thruout the world. CATEGORY: Prayer, gospel music, outdoors, dogs, language and culture. EMAIL:
  • Andrew Craig Editor, Fair Dinkum Aussie Gospel Home Page CATEGORY: Would like to hear from Bible believers who love the Lord. EMAIL:
  • Mary Hunter Drakeford Black female aged 51 CATEGORY: Trying to start a homebased business designing board games. EMAIL:
  • Mark & Debbie Peters We are Christian family with two children & live in Ohio, USA CATEGORY: Homeschooling, family, organic gardening, music, Church Life, missions, fellowship with brethren, and cooking--especially different cultures--we really have interests in all things. EMAIL:
  • Robert Scott Christian who is just starting to fully enjoy Jesus. CATEGORY: Gospel music, biking, swimming, making friends. EMAIL:
  • vicki blond/red hair. 11 years old. popular.6th grade CATEGORY: EMAIL:
  • Susan 5"5 125lb 16yr-old swf. Looking for Christian friends who I can depend on. CATEGORY: Christianity, reading, TV/movies, basketball, having fun with friends. EMAIL:
  • Amy Setzler I am a girl of almost 15 years seeking someone to talk to about anything. CATEGORY: Christian music, reading, God, fellowshiping with christian friends. EMAIL:
  • Caleb long brown hair male 10 CATEGORY: soft ball (i'm going to play) viedo games. EMAIL:
  • Morten Norwegian, 22, male. Don't be shy! CATEGORY: hiking, party, training, computers, graphic design. EMAIL:
  • Jaci Roberts Bright Red Hair, 11 years old, CATEGORY: Horseback riding, gymnastics, roller skating and animals. EMAIL:
  • Michael E. Miller Pastor and Bible Teacher CATEGORY: Helping Those Who Want To Know. EMAIL:
  • Candice Hurtault I am a 17 year old female. I live in NJ. I love Jesus! CATEGORY: Youth, Bible, Evangelism. EMAIL:
  • Maxime Lapointe 16 ans, recherche copin(e)s chr tien(ne)s CATEGORY: tout! EMAIL:
  • Dee Schriver married, mom,27,Nebraskan,"coming out of Egypt",love to write CATEGORY: AWANA, Ladies Bible Studies, Christian Music, Friendships with "Virtueous Women" and the Greatness of GOD. EMAIL:
  • Stacy Shanholtz I am 37, married for the second time, I'm a baby christian of 5yrs, I have 3 children, a stepdaughter 25, a son 14 & a daughter 6. I'm a bookkeeper for a law firm for 15 yrs now. CATEGORY: Love the Lord, horses, movies, family, beloved unbeliever with addiction, computers, internet, books, music & outdoors. EMAIL:
  • Chip Crisman I'm 14 yrs old male, I'm 5'11, I enjoy all sports, I go to a Christian School. CATEGORY: Snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball. EMAIL:
  • Glyn John Alexander Williams Engaged, 22, brown hair, blue eyes, relatively tall. CATEGORY: Youth, people, God, life. EMAIL:
  • Kim Kilgour Born again 31 yr old wife, mom,want to share ideas and insights with other christian wives and moms. CATEGORY: Simple/frugal living, parenting, homeschooling, reading, Bible study. EMAIL:
  • Barbara christian 43 year old Divorcee with 3 children CATEGORY: religion, plants, animals & family. EMAIL:
  • Laura Stephens on fire for God and wanting to make Christian friends all over the world! CATEGORY: Poetry and writing, love. EMAIL:
  • David Hall 38, single CATEGORY: the Bible, archaeology, used books, meetings, and lectures. EMAIL:
  • Ramesh Marimuthu I am 26 yrs, Sri-Lankan, Living in Dubai, Loving Jesus, CATEGORY: Sharing Gospal, reading, Writing E-mail Freinds, Ministring in the middle east to the lost. EMAIL:
  • Michael Nichols I am 19 years old, and I love to listen to music, play drums and spend time with family and friends. CATEGORY: EMAIL:
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Complete website designed, and hosted for 1 year with no monthly fees Your banner ad and link could be here for a full year for just $39.95 Free resources to use and give away to your web site visitors
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